A bride and groom walking in the garden
Let’s celebrate together!

Magical moments brought vividly to life

Whether a wedding, private function, or family reunion, your intimate events never looked so stunning. Our experienced family of coordinators, caterers, and concierge are here to ensure no detail or overlooked or understated. It’s time to dream with your eyes open!

Cheers to you!

Forever, together.

Let’s celebrate moments that will live on long after the cake is cut. Where gorgeous gardens greet guests as they toast to the adventures you’ll share tomorrow. This is meticulous preparation, flawless execution, with a dash of magic. The night is young, and it is yours.

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Picture of the bride with flowers in the balcony
Picture of dishes on the dining table
Picture of the chairs with pillows in the garden
A toast to tomorrow…

Dream with your eyes open

Timeless elegance for your unforgettable moments. Whether a girls getaway, private company affair or your annual family union, we offer the ambience and expertise to evolve the way you celebrate. Raise the bar, raise your glasses, and race to the finish line in full fashion.

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Couple Walking down to the beach from The Court in Seaside, Florida
Let your curiosity run wild

Discover all of Seaside

This beautiful shining jewel quietly rests on the Gulf of Mexico. Filled with adventures for adults and children alike, embrace one of the most immersive beachfront experiences on the Gulf Coast. Take your bike around town or grab a towel and dig your feet in the finest sands in Florida. The day is filled with play, and the night is yours to capture. Enjoy.


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